Strategic, Engaged, Connected

Welcome to the digital universe. Social media has shifted control to consumers.
Successful campaigns have a strong understanding of their target market and therefore, succeed in building a community around their brand. They also understand how that demographic perceives them, and what they hope to get out of their social media connection with the brand. Whether campaigns are lifestyle or business-driven, or are purely for entertainment and special interest, those that understand and support their community are the ones that manage to draw the most feedback, user interaction, and brand loyalty.

We deliver consumer engagement through your branded content.The dynamic of social media means that messages, images and events can reach a vast audience within hours and can have immediate impact on consumer behavior. The rules of engagement are changing and consumers rely on information from a variety of sources, experts and networks. We know how to engage with and motivate your consumers.

Every campaign is strategically crafted to meet your goals. We set challenging targets from the outset and evaluate regularly.

Social Media Marketing
Establish brand personality
Build brand awareness
Distribute brand messages
Outreach to target communities
Influencer engagement
Reputation management

Black Label Social Media Marketing is 100% dedicated to social media, with the talent, capability and experience to help you pull it all together. Our award-winning social media campaigns leverage influencer and consumer engagement to exponentially increase your visibility and online reach. The proof: we won the top 2 social media awards in travel & hospitality: Travel + Leisure's 2012 SMITTY Award & HOTELS 2012 Social Hotels Award.