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Medical Legal Advisors

Medical Legal Advisors of West Palm Beach provides a highly motivated professional team that helps clients solidify ideas and information into powerful cases that educate, clarify and persuade. We combine knowledge, expertise and implementation to develop the most innovative presentation. Our client list includes attorneys, insurance companies, healthcare facilities, government agencies and private corporations.

Medical Legal Advisors is both the attorney's best resource and the client/patient's best advocate. Our services can assist your law firm in saving both resources and time. By incorporating our services you not only free up your legal staff to really hone in on the legal issues but you are adding the knowledge of a seasoned physician onto your staff without the full time expense.

Case Screening for Medical Issues, Facts, Strengths and Weaknesses

Assess for current Medically Related Damages

Attending Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) (read more)


An additional service that we provide is access for your clients to one of the premiere legal funding companies in the field.

We are able to fund a broad variety of cases within the personal injury field to cover whatever expenses (read more)

How often have you or one of your loved ones come out of a physician appointment with a confused feeling.  Yes, it was all great when the doctor was talking, but when you left, you had no idea what he said. (read more)